Jay Fish Recordings is all about passion. Passion for making something thats known and familiar, still perfectly different and fresh without boundaries.


Jani "Jay Fish" Kokkala is techno live-artist and producer from Turku, Finland. Hours and hours in the studio, mixing his own favourite drops from modern hits or old classics into massive banging techno tracks, are the keys of his unique sound. He combines and experiments elements from various genres with only one goal in mind: every new track is something he would party with himself!

He has that powerful inner burn to create and offer his listeners something totally mind-blowing. He has a rare talent and his perfection is acknowledged. He has said that it’s like a vacation for him, though he has had more gigs than ever, he wouldn’t change a thing. And why would he, when he really has “it”, something that many others desire - that is the best way do describe his passion, and it proves that he is doing what he truly loves.

Now, founder of Club Technoground, Club Avond, he has a desire for new manners of approach, ways to enlarge. Educating and giving the new, young DJ:s a chance, also uniting neighbouring countries technoscenes, beat by beat, gig by gig, release by release he makes world a better place for music.